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The Pineapple in Fashion

Why do people from all around the world use pineapples to make fabric prints and household decorations from door knockers to vases?

There is more than one answer to this question, but for starters, pineapples were precious.

Very precious.

Yes, they still are, but with modern cultivation and transportation methods, we can procure this prickly fruit far more easily than a couple of centuries ago!

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Because of their rarity and value, if a pineapple was presented as a gift of welcome, it was an added symbol of how important your presence was to your hosts. It was the big way to say, “You are Welcome”.

We have some pineapple print apparel here at Eternal Creation- all fair trade made by the tailors at our center in the Indian Himalayas.

Look these items up or do a site search for the word, “pineapple” and it will bring up all our pineapple print outfits from babies to dads!


Want to learn more about the amazing Pineapple?

Here are my top three favorite pineapple facts, below!

  • Pineapples were such a status symbol in 18th century England that you could rent one for the evening to take to a party.
  • Once it flowers, the individual fruits of the flowers join together to create what is commonly referred to as a pineapple. So the pineapple fruit itself is actually a bunch of “fruitlets” fused together.
  • There are more than a hundred varieties of pineapples that grow in varying sizes.

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