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Insights from Amy: a visitor to our workshop

November 05, 2019

Insights from Amy: a visitor to our workshop

I believe that companies like Eternal Creation are the future of fashion. I recently spent a month out at Eternal Creation’s factory, and fell in love with the company’s ethos and all who worked there. I come from Buckinghamshire in England and just started studying fashion at Brighton University and my name is Amy Bambury. 

At Eternal Creation everything they do is with an environmental and ethical mindset. Considering this, their goal at every stage of production is to be “zero waste”. From the designing to the disposal of garments they aim to banish excess.

When it comes to pattern cutting, they fit their pieces together like a jigsaw to minimise fabric thrown away at the end of the process. Any large leftover material is used in their zero waste pieces. If you would like to see these,type “zero waste” into the search bar on the Eternal Creations Website. These include scrunchies,skirts, tops and shorts. Any small cotton leftovers are sent to ‘Clean Upper Dharamsala’ to be made to pulp and turned into paper. The other small leftover material is turned into bedding.

The sourcers at Eternal Creation only buy what is needed to prevent surplus. Sourcing in smaller quantities often means paying more however at Eternal Creations that’s built into their business. This applies to everything sourced; zips, fabric, clothes hangers and care labels. Within the fashion industry there is a significant disconnect within the supply chain, this is something Eternal Creation try to resolve by only sourcing surplus fabrics from within India and keeping a transparent supply chain. This also reduces their carbon footprint as materials aren’t imported.

Using natural materials is clearly a priority, for when it comes to the eventual disposal of their pieces they want to make sure wherever they end up they won’t stay there forever. However, they design their pieces to last, making sure the materials they use are high quality and durable.

Eternal creation have recently made changes to their packaging to cut out single use plastic. Creating their own cotton reusable carry bags for the transport of pieces, and swapping plastic tags for safety pins hoping customers will find a second use for them. Another transition made is with care labels, using recycled cotton labels instead of polyester labels. These small consistent changes make a significant difference.

There are however a few things they could adapt to further their sustainability as a company. For example, using biodegradable alternatives to keep clothing fresh during storage and transportation. Also switching to metal zips which would biodegrade with time instead of plastic. Also using more organic cotton would make an impact, though it would significantly change the pricing of the garments.

Within every company, sustainability is a journey. In order to not waste materials and resources, changes are gradual. This is a journey I can tell they are dedicated to and in fact very enthusiastic about.

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