Dress for a Wedding: Girls and Boys Fashion

May 15, 2019

little girl wearing a vintage lacy blouse and shorts and hat

5 Tips for Clothing Kids for Special Events

What should my child wear?    

Most of us have parties, weddings, and other celebrations for the big events in the lives of our loved ones and friends, but when our kids need to be “puttin’ on the ritz”, they don’t always share our enthusiasm. 

Smart fashion and semi-formal clothing for children doesn’t have to be uncomfortable or costly.

 Below are some tips for working with your child to find clothing that will be worn more than once and still be stylish enough for the special event at hand.

little girl wearing a white frill dress with silver dots and trim

Here at Eternal Creation we have girls dresses and skirts and blouses from baby sizes to young teens or tweens. For boys, we've got smart shirts, pants, blazers, jackets and even a bow tie. The Angel Frill Dress above is a perfect choice. It can be worn in winter with white tights, a sweater and silver accessories. Below are some stylish ensembles for boys. See the black corduroy jacket and waistcoat shown below on the left in our Boys' Coats and Jackets Collection. The Black Wool coat, waistcoat tie and hat on the right are in our Boys' Sale Collection. We have brown and orange and multi-colour options available in both places, too!


boys smart coats dinner jackets hats ties and waistcoats vests black



Tip No. 1:  Make sure your child is as comfortable as they can be.

Shop for quality fabric that doesn’t give them cause to complain of this or that scratchy seam or rough weave. Search out clothes that are 100% cotton or other natural fibres that can be made to look smart or casual, like these girls' Sequin Swing Dresses.

girls swing dresses navy and strawberry red

Tip No. 2:  Shop for colours they like.

Remember that you can accessorise to make a simple but timeless colour like white work for them by finding a hat or handbag, bright shoes or a bow tie. Below is our Enzo Striped Blazer that has a matching waistcoat available, check it out here!

boys striped jacket casual or smart look with white shirt

Tip No. 3: Stretchy bow ties can be the way to go.

Thanks to actor Matt Smith in his role as the bow tie-wearing Eleventh Doctor in the popular television series Doctor Who, tween fans are sporting bow ties more than ever!

boy child elasticised bow tie shown alone

Tip No. 4: Choose clothing that your children will want to wear again and again.

If they love it, they’ll want to wear it.

This Winter Palace Girls' Winter Dress is semi-formal and can be worn to many kinds of events with different accessories to change the look.

tween girl wearing a semi-formal dress black print

Tip No. 5: Choose clothing that will retain value beyond the one-time use.

At Eternal Creation, we make it easy to live your values and look stylish doing so. Not only do you support fair trade when you purchase, you are also making a responsible choice for the life cycle of the garment. A better-made item lasts longer and keeps value to re-sell or pass down to a smaller child when your big kid is done with it.

Below is our soft Cranberry Velvet Toddler Coat, a functional yet beautiful jacket you'll want to save, pass down or thrift.

cranberry velvet coat for baby girl

We have many items in our collections that might be suitable for your special occasion, depending on the season and degree of formality. Remember to check out our men’s smart shirts and ties as well as women’s wear for adult semi-formal possibilities as well!

Thanks for reading. We hope you find what you need. If not, feel free to contact us and ask about our customisation process. Peace.

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