Fair Trade Bonus Fund Announcement- Live Video from Tailoring Centre!

August 09, 2018

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In the spirit of full visibility, we invite you to watch a live video inside the Tailoring Centre in Dharamsala whilst Andy Lower calls in to speak with the team. You'll hear him announce the annual bonuses and the beginning of an Eternal Health Fund, a long-range effort to provide a sustainable healthcare plan.

This week, your purchases will go 100% toward the Eternal Health Fund for the Indian Tailoring Centre team members.




In the video, you'll hear a reference to "what happened last year".

Read about the sacrifices some of our members made last year to save the life of a long-time Eternal Creation employee and friend, Bridget, in her story "Almost the Last Indian Journey" here on our blog.

A few of you may have noticed on Facebook, our live video got a couple of negative comments from two disgruntled former employees. While we do not wish to make a negative public statement about anyone personally, we feel it's ethically imperative to be open and answer questions you might have.

We are continuing to strive for the ultimate fair trade transparent approach in everything we do, and yes, there are challenges along the way.

Thank you for caring with us.


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