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October 17, 2017

 Ethical Clothing | Fair Trade | Eternal creation

As the owners of Visible Clothing Company, which includes Eternal Creation and Visible.Clothing, we strive to stay in line with our name “visible”, by focusing on making as much about our company visible as possible, including our people, products, and pricing.

We strive to create a culture of openness and total visibility, which is critical for a fair trade company. 


Always mindful to make sure we respect personal dignity and confidentiality, we try to make visible as much as we can, with a focus on three areas:

1) Visible People: By owning our tailoring center we guarantee that all our tailors work in an environment that is fair, safe, and non-exploitative. It is a place where our tailors earn a dignified living regardless of their race, caste, religion, gender, or age.

Ethical Clothing | Fair Trade | Eternal Creation

2) Visible Products: We provide personalised order updates, for orders greater than $150, with plans to roll this out for all orders greater than $75 in the coming weeks (November 2017). This allows you to see who made your clothes and highlights the amazing individuals behind everything that's made. We also share the sourcing so you have total visibility into what you buy.

3) Visible Pricing: We show you where your money goes, so you can trust that your purchases truly make a difference. By knowing how your money is spent you can have greater confidence in your purchasing power. Below is an example for a men's shirt, and we will be rolling out similar breakdowns for other products.


Fair Trade | Ethical Clothing | Visible Pricing | Eternal Creation


One of the first things we did when we became owners of the visible tailoring centre, was to work with our current employees to ensure the whole team had equal representation, holding everyone accountable to standards of fairness.

We established a fair trade committee to create mutual accountability and to find more ways to involve employees in our decision-making process. The committee is intentionally balanced by gender and involves all levels of seniority.

We also wanted to find a way to consistently collect anonymous feedback from team members. After reviewing a number of high technology feedback options (e.g. surveys, text messages, etc), we found an old-fashioned pen and paper with a suggestion box was most effective.

Ethical Clothing | Fair Trade | Eternal Creation

Through this simple suggestion box, over the last 18 months, we have instituted many changes to make sure our tailoring centre is always one of fairness, safety, and inclusivity. We constantly strive to make our tailoring centre a place where our tailors feel respected and heard and where they can produce the best quality thanks to a fun and fair environment. 


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