A New Lease on Life: Upcycling Fabric | Fair Trade Clothing | Eternal Creation

A New Lease on Life: Upcycling Fabric

Ethical Clothing | Upcycling Clothing | Eternal Creation

Environmental sustainability is at the heart of everything we do here at Eternal Creation. We always want to ensure our practices cause as little harm to our planet as possible, and we ensure this by putting environmental health at the centre of every design decision we make.

Importance of Upcycling
One of the ways we achieve this is through upcycling. Unsure of what upcycling actually means? It’s another form of recycling, except that it’s repurposing materials and reinventing them into something of higher quality with a stronger environmental value.

At Eternal Creation, we implement upcycling into our design process by claiming our materials from ‘deadstock fabrics’. These are basically fabrics that other companies no longer have a use for, either because they over-ordered, or because the shade was off, or maybe because that print is no longer ‘in season’ for them.

Ethical Clothing | Upcycling Clothing | Eternal Creation

By using these fabrics we’re avoiding fresh fabric production, which often involves extensive energy and water consumption as well as agricultural resources.

Recycling Fabric to Give it a New Lease on Life!
It’s no secret that textile waste is becoming an increasing problem due to fast-fashion practices and over-consumption. Mountains of old textiles are being scrapped while only an estimated 15% is being recycled.

What’s the point in making more of something we already have available to us in abundance? To us at Eternal Creation, using these deadstock fabrics and turning them into beautiful designs will always be the more reasonable and sustainable choice.

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Written by: Emilie Headington

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