Our Team Wants to Thank You. Watch the Short Video!

December 17, 2018

Our Team Wants to Thank You. Watch the Short Video!

As we say goodbye to 2018 and hello to 2019, we also want to say “thank you” to each of you, our customers, who have made another year possible.

Thanks to your purchases and recommendations, we continue to provide a comfortable, ethical workplace for our team in India. Where you shop does matter and truly changes lives! 

Who, exactly, are "WE"? First of all, we're the team in Dharamshala!



Next, "WE" are those of us who work from other parts of the world.

We do the work of spreading the word and growing the business, always paying the team in India first. This often means working hours as volunteers. 

Our company is owned by lifelong friends, Andy and Andy- Let's let them introduce themselves...

"Hi! I’m Andy Lower, and I’m co-founder of visible.clothing and Eternal Creation. Showell-Rogers and I have been friends for over 20 years, and have been working together for the last 5. I’m from the UK, but now live in California with my American wife and our two children. I do fundraising for the company, as well make connections with wholesalers and other leaders in the fair trade clothing sector working to grow awareness of what makes us and other fair trade businesses critical to making the world a better place. I enjoying coaching my son's sports team and love speaking Spanish with my 10 year-old daughter. I love spending time in India with the team at the tailoring centre and am inspired by their stories and sense of humor."


 "Hiya! I’m Andy Showell-Rogers, and I’m the other co-owner of visible.clothing and Eternal Creation. I live in Oxford, England with my wife and two young sons. I spend much of my day working remotely with the team and suppliers, problem solving, speaking at events to promote fair trade, and making new connections with fashion brands requiring an ethical manufacturer as well as companies interested in bespoke fair trade corporate-wear. Life outside work revolves around kids, community, and canines!"

IMAGE and INTRODUCTION COMING SOON from Nicola, our clothing designer. She's designed our most popular recent items, like the women's jersey shirts with options and the latest women's pyjama pants.



"Hi, I`m Bridget, better known to Eternal Creation customers as the point of contact for any queries (customer care). Until last year I was living and working in India, as friend and co-worker to the staff at the Himalaya Tailoring Centre. I remain in daily contact, on both a work and personal level, even though I am now based in the UK. I have a keen interest and commitment to Fair Trade and ethical work practices and am proud to work for a company determined to develop, maintain and up-hold those principles. I have witnessed first hand, the positive effects on the staff, their lives and work morale, and with that, their hopes for the future. The principles of Fair Trade are inclusive of owners, suppliers and customers too; you will always find a listening ear and a willingness to adjust, rectify or otherwise solve issues / problems as they arise. As a result, I will actively promote the benefit of ethical and sustainable work practices, along with the principles of Fair Trade, during my daily life.

I have an independent adult son, who likes to describe himself as a "Pirate Seeker", and who spends his working life out on the seas. Currently living with my sister in the UK, near the Welsh / English border, I spend the majority of my free time in the middle of nowhere with my little dog and a camera, or with family and friends; on occasion I undertake some local voluntary work."

A favourite quote "In a world where you can be anything - be kind"



"Hi, I'm Thimgan, and if you chat with us via social media, I'm the person you're speaking with. I started working with the team this past summer (2018), and am delighted to work with such a kind and conscientious group of people. I write blog posts and connect with new wholesale customers and Brand Ambassadors, and post images of our clothes and people making them and people wearing them. I live in Michigan (US) with my husband, two children and some pets, too. I'm a lifelong traditional painter, I like to putter in the garden, and grew up as a "shop kid" in a fair trade shoe and clothes store in Spokane, Washington.

To our Brand Ambassadors, we'd like to add an extra note of thanks for all that you've done to share our story and show others how colourful and well-made our clothes and accessories are. 


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