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A special thanks to those that have blogged about us!

Eternal Creation would just like to say a special thank you to the following bloggers that have mentioned Eternal Creation in their blog posts. Check out their posts and give them your support!

Myra Caballero, 'Fashion that puts people before profit' 

Qinnie Wang, 'The trade-off between fair trade and ethical'

Ethically Beautiful

EcoFashion Talk

Oz Fair Trade

Lawfully Chic

Matt Darvas

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Antoinette Santoro
Antoinette Santoro

December 17, 2014

My niece and nephew have Eternal Creation clothing for Christmas which are amazing and my order for my niece’s birthday on the 27th December has just arrived. I am a perfectionist and what can I say, they are perfect. I love reading the story of the person who made my niece’s outfit and I can tell that they have put so much care and love into their work. Thank you for dedication it is very much appreciated. Have a wonderful Christmas all and Eternal Creation and I pray 2015 bring health, happiness and peace.

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