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Our Strategy on Women’s Empowerment

Happy International Women’s Day!

We’re excited to be celebrating this momentous day with the incredible women that we work with day-in and day-out, as well as with you, our fantastic customers who empower women every time you purchase clothes made by our team.

As founders of Visible who are both male, we have spent a lot of time over the last few years trying to thinking about how we can use our position of leadership to have positive, sustainable impact.

At the heart of what we do is the core value that everyone needs to be treated fairly; our customers with affordable quality products, but more significantly, our employees. In order for us to be fair, we HAVE to be aware of gender inequalities and pro-active in finding ways to address it.

Here at Visible, we don’t believe in giving a hand-out but in giving hands-up. We have seen first hand that when women are given the same opportunities as men, not only do they improve their lives but they improve the lives of those around them.

Its obvious that women don’t need men to tell them how to do things - more often than not the need is simply for freedom and opportunity. Tragically opportunities are often held back from women, hindering not only their progress but also the progress of the wider communities.

At the beginning of this year, we have therefore focused on 4 ways that we want to be held accountable.

1 - 50% of the Visible Fair Trade Committee will be women

We established our fair trade committee in July 2016 and have consciously tried to ensure that women make up half of the committee. Additionally, we try to encourage all representatives to voice their opinions and help to think through how the DNA of fairness can be implemented across Visible.

2 - Any advisory board or leadership team will comprise of at least 50% women

We are excited to have just made our first new leadership hire and will be profile our new Operations Manager Suganda next week. We are hopefully that by having more women in leadership positions at the factory will have an impact across the whole organisation.

3 - In 2017 we will form at least 3 new partnerships with organisations who’s mission is women’s empowerment

We have been proactive in developing relationships with more organisations who’s focus is on working with marginalised women. Over the last 9 months, we have been working with a group that works with women trapped in extreme poverty in the slums. Additionally, we’ve just reached agreements with two other organisations that will be announcing next month.

4 - Our Human Resources Policy Manual shall be updated with an emphasis on gender empowerment.

One of the first things that we did when we acquired the tailoring centre, was to ensure there wasn’t any gender pay gap for jobs that require similar experience and skill sets. Additionally, we have reviewed the HR manual and included new sections that go beyond legal requirements that are intentionally focused on providing more opportunities for women e.g. longer maternity leave, childcare options etc.

The fact is, that when you invest in women, they change the world. Statistically, women use more of their earnings back into their families, literacy and their children’s education.

Thank you for empowering us to empower our team.

Here’s to Celebrating International Womens Day.

Can Black Friday be Used for Good?

Can Black Friday be Used for Good? 

Black Friday, a US export, seems to take a stronger hold in countries around the world every year. We've all heard the horror stories that come out around the world after Black Friday every year -- people getting trampled in stores, arguments over the last flat screen TV turning deadly, and people lining up for hours or days in order to be first in line. In the UK alone, 2015 Black Friday sales totaled over 3.3 billion for the weekend, making it the UK's biggest day for online retail ever. What is it about these deals that causes us to forget our values?
For us at team Visible, we watch with a conundrum. We're horrified at the mass consumption and the waste generated through Black Friday. I mean, can you even imagine where these products are made and the true costs of those products? On the other hand, we are a business and without sales, it's hard to have a business. 
So what's our team to do, then? What if we could use Black Friday for good? Rather than spend aimlessly on meaningless stuff, what if we could create opportunities for people to improve their lives? What if rather than buying a sea of endless faceless stuff, we could know the name and story behind each person who made our goods? 
As the team behind Eternal Creation and Visible.Clothing, we are comitted to Visible People and Visible Costs. So, this Black Friday, we are putting 1 out of every 4 dollars spent with us to our workers' bonuses for the year. That's right. Call us crazy, but we believe that shopping can be a force for good. Every single purchase you make matters, and the impact that purchase has is up to you! 
Join us in making Black Friday #FairFriday, and know that 1 out of every 4 dollars you spend with us through Monday, November 28th will go to help our wonderful tailors and Visible Factory team have a Happy Holiday, indeed!
We welcome your feedback and appreciate your support. Thank you for being part of the Visible story. 

A special thanks to those that have blogged about us!

To all those bloggers and companies that have blogged about Eternal Creation, we want to extend a big thank you! Read the articles where others have mentioned Eternal Creation in this special blog post. View full article →

Eternal Creation and Visible Clothing!

Well, we have some very exciting news this week. Ethical clothing company Visible Clothing has acquired Eternal Creation and our Tailoring Centre in Dharamsala, India! 

Read on to find out more, or watch our short video news clip >

A new era

It’s a huge step for Eternal Creation founder and designer Frances Carrington, and one she feels will help take the brand to the next level.

“I’ve worked hard for 15 years to get Eternal Creation where it is. So I’m very excited that we’ve found new owners that are as passionate about quality and Fair Trade as we are!"
Frances Carrington, Designer/Founder

What does this mean for Eternal Creation?

Eternal Creation will continue to produce the same high-quality fair-trade clothes, available on our website and in stores across Australia. Frances is currently designing the new kids range, and a new womens’ wear designer is coming on board to give a fresh look to the womens collection.

And what about the Himalaya Tailoring Centre?

Building on Eternal Creation’s loyal and supportive customer community, Visible Clothing are planning to expand brand awareness in Europe and the US. The acquisition will also provide more opportunities for other new and emerging clothing labels to work with the Himalaya Tailoring Centre to produce high quality clothes for ethically-minded consumers.

“Visible is very easy to work with, so we hope that we can continue to produce quality clothes that are made fairly, for many years to come”.
Tsering Chonden, Production Manager

Who are Visible Clothing?

Visible.Clothing was launched by Andy Lower and Andy Showell-Rogers after a successful crowdfunding campaign in early 2014. A primary mission for Visible, alongside producing Fair Trade clothing, is to raise awareness what’s behind the clothes that we wear.

“Frances and her team have built an amazing company, and we will continue to make more about what’s behind the clothes visible - visible people, visible costs and visible impact.
Plus, we are delighted to be acquiring an established brand that has a proven record of selling quality clothes!”
Andy Showell-Rogers, Visible UK Director

“We see a lot of potential to expand the current client base for both Visible and Eternal Creation. And we'll be actively looking to work with new and emerging brands that want to ensure quality alongside fairness.”
Andy Lower, Visible USA Director

Want to know more?

For more information on Visible, please visit their website or email them directly at

If you have any other questions, email us at - we’re happy to answer all your queries. To get more views from Frances and Andy, watch the video!


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