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April 22, 2016

Israil is the talented Embroidery Master at Eternal Creation. Israil comes from a remote village in Jharkand, a newly formed state that was formerly part of Bihar in North India. but at 13 he moved to West Bengal and began his training in embroidery under a local embroidery master. Five years later, and just 18 years old, Israil moved to Delhi where he worked as an embroiderer for 11 years. Whilst most Indians from village backgrounds find Delhi (pronounced Dilli in Hindi) to be chaotic and overwhelming, Israil however, very much enjoyed his time in the Capital. Israil says that in Hindi, 'dil' means heart and that 'Dilli' means "good heart".

He enjoys all of the work he does, but his favourite pieces are the fine and detailed floral designs. Israil uses an old-style embroidery machine and completes all of the designs free-hand. The machine takes just one thread at a time and it must be changed for every colour represented in a particular design.

Israil enjoys working at Eternal Creation because he has more free time and less stress, but he misses his wife and children, and regularly makes the 36 hour train trip to see them. He would like to bring his family to Dharamsala, but being Muslim he wants his children to learn Urdu and Arabic, which, at this time, is not available at schools in Dharamsala.

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April 22, 2016

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April 22, 2016

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