Sakhil | Eternal Creation


Sakhil is well known for his patience and nice smile, and is an excellent tailor. His older brothers are Jamil and Tinku, who have been responsible for his excellent training.

Growing up in West Bengal, the Ansari family owned a small farm (one acre) on which they grew rice and wheat. The boys' parents both suffered from reoccurring illnesses and the three boys worked hard, completing odd jobs and tending to the farm, trying to earn enough money to live on.

Sakhil started training as a tailor in his village when he was 14, and then moved to Mumbai, to join his brother Tinku who was working in a factory there. In 2008 he moved to Dharamsala and started working for Eternal Creation.

Sakhil says he likes working for Eternal Creation, as all the employees are friends. He confesses that he never made a true friend during his 5-year stay in Mumbai, and found working in a big city a very lonely and alienating experience. He also appreciates being paid on time, as well as the job security that the workshop gives him.

Sakhil makes all the Eternal Creation styles, but enjoys pleated dresses and boys shirts the best: "I love the boys fabrics, especially the checks and stripes", he says. Like many of our Indian tailors, he's an avid cricket player, and usually organises a match on weekends with his brothers and friends.

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