Tinku | Eternal Creation


A regular winner of 'tailor of the month' and several time winner of 'tailor of the year', Tinku is by far our most talented tailor.

Born in a small village in the Indian state of Bihar, Tinku received very little formal schooling, and started training as a tailor at the age of 15. Even as a child, Tinku wanted to sew, and was inspired by the impeccable style and beautiful clothes of the wealthier members of his village.

Tinku has worked in a handful of tailoring jobs including a Mumbai fashion factory for 7 years. During his time in the factory, Tinku worked hard in poor conditions. Like many factories in India, Tinku's workplace had no facilities and very dark, dirty rooms with poor ventilation. His supervisor was never present and didn't care about the welfare of the employees.

Tinku prefers his work at Eternal Creation as he says there is the potential to learn a lot more and the staff members are friendly and treat him with respect. He enjoys making all of the styles, as he feels it makes him a better tailor and he can continue to learn and grow.

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