Idrish | Eternal Creation


Idrish comes from a family of tailors in Bengal in the West of India, learning to sew in his father's tailoring shop as a teenager. He worked with his father for 10 years alongside his two younger brothers, Shamin and Armin, before moving to Delhi, hoping to find better-paid work.

After working in several large factories, Idrish moved to Dharamsala, where his younger brother Shamin was already working for Eternal Creation. He was soon followed by his other brother, Armin, and several of his cousins!

He says he loves the atmosphere of the workshop and the fact that he is working alongside his brothers and cousins, but regrets that fact that his two sons have to remain with their grandparents in Bengal- the reason being that there are no schools in Dharamsala that teach Bengali, their native tongue.

Idrish sews all of Eternal Creation's designs, but loves to make baby overalls and bibs best, as he says they look neat and are usually made in bright fabrics.

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