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I am continually impressed with the quality

Just wanted to say how I am continually impressed with the quality of the garments, which made the women's mystery bag such an incredible value! Tsering....I enjoyed reading your story and it's the very reason why I will continue to support companies that give back to their community.

My daughter has made claim on the prayer flags to be placed outside her window...to help ward off her nightmares! Thank you again and I am looking forward to the arrival of my next purchase...can't seem to help myself! :)

Theresa Tan


My daughter loves her dress

My parcel was delivered today and all arrived in perfect condition thankyou. My daughter loves her dress and can't wait til xmas when she's with her big overseas cousin who also has the same dress. It'll make a lovely extended family photo. Thanks again.



Your workmanship is second to none!

Your workmanship is outstanding and second to none! All the garments that are made attract nothing but praises...even the head scarves! 

Theresa Tan


Such beautiful creations

Thank you very much for this order which arrived a couple of days ago. I love the dresses that replace the babylove fabric. Thank you as always for such beautiful creations. My brother and sister in law is visiting me this weekend, I've already enthused about E.C. to them, I'll certainly be showing June all of these beautiful dresses so she can get some for her granddaughters too.



The quality is unmistakeable

A few months ago I spent a happy day at a really imaginative playground with 6 of the grandchildren. Walking about I noticed 2 little girls in exquisite dresses. "Those" I said to my daughter, "are Eternal Creation dresses, I'll bet on it." It took a bit of maneuvering to get myself near enough to see the little tag sewn into the seam but I was right, the quality is unmistakable.



We've been buying for 6 years now!

I wanted to thank you for another beautiful order. We have been buying your clothes for 6 years now and love them.
As soon as the package arrived the clothes were being put on even though it is far too cold for our summer purchases!!! The clothes are amazing and we are so thankful for the skill and time that went into making them. Thank you so much. We are all set for summer now!



Love the Bo Peep dress!

Love the Bo Peep dress! All these dresses are lovely, I get so many comments on the ones I have, beautifully made!

Donna Stevens


Lovely hand made items.

Lovely hand made items with superb attention to detail. All items are unique and I can't wait to dress my toddlers in your garments. Thank you.



My compliments to your fantastic team.

My order arrived today and I am absolutely thrilled ! The clothes are so lovely and beautifully packaged. Please pass on my compliments to your fantastic team. I will definitely be recommending you to my friends and family.



Excellent service, at all levels.

Excellent service, at all levels. Far exceeds the quality of services provided by any similar niche provider. It is encouraging to see businesses with integrity in all they strive to do - you are to be highly commended.



Never seen such high quality attention to detail.

I consider myself a fairly seasoned children's clothes buyer and i've never seen such high quality workmanship or attention to detail before. The clothes are beautifully made and I am thrilled i purchased from your website. Knowing they are ethically made is very important to me and i am very impressed by your standards of sewing and quality of fabric. The only thing is in Western sizing, they're a little on the small size so i'll know to buy a size larger than i need next time. Kind regards.



It took my breath away.

I just wanted to extend a very big 'thankyou'! My order arrived Friday, in plenty of time for my party next weekend... my boys will look so gorgeous in their new outfits. I opened my parcel, and I must say it took my breath away. Your clothing is just so lovely... beautifully made, gorgeous designs and materials. The workmanship and quality is outstanding. It can be so difficult to find quality, lovely clothes for little boys, and your range is just what I like to dress my little ones in. Thanks again for making sure that my order arrived in time... excellent customer service to boot!



The quality and workmanship are truly amazing.

I have just received my order and I am gobsmacked at the most beautiful little dresses. The quality and workmanship of the dresses are truly amazing. I can't wait for the 21st December for my granddaughters birthday to see her in them.



I have people commenting everywhere I go.

I only found your website by chance and just loved the dresses. Since receiving the 3 items I bought, I have people commenting on them everywhere I go. I happily tell them where I got them from and hope more people find this site.



I love the work and colours.

The clothes I buy are for a small granddaughter, people always notice when she has your outfits on and my son tells me they admire them. I love the work and colours, always look forward to checking them out before posting them on.



The clothes are once again, BEAUTIFUL!

Yesterday I received the last two orders I had made. I just want to let you know that I am absolutely thrilled with what arrived. The clothes are once again, BEAUTIFUL! The amount of detail that has gone into each garment is amazing. As I was looking at them, I couldn't help but think of the person who had taken so much care in sewing these beautiful pieces of work. My mother and I have both been dressmakers over the years, and I can see the just how carefully these dear people have sewn these together ... Thank you, once again. I will look forward to making another order in the future.



It's a joy to open their wardrobes.

I can't wait to fill my childrens wardrobes with the purchase I just made. It is a joy to open their wardrobes and decide which of the beautiful outfits they will wear, and each time it reminds me of your ethical workshop in the Himalayas, and the tailors that made them with love and care. Thank you for brightening our lives with your beautiful clothes.



I can't wait to show them off!

Today I received the gorgeous outfits I bought for my children. I was speechless. They were just as I had imagined and more! I can't wait to show them off!



My little boy especially loves his new pyjamas.

I received my order last Friday and just wanted to let you know I was, once again, very pleased with the great craftsmanship and attention to detail shown in your clothing. My little boy especially loves his new pyjamas, and has taken to calling his London pants his "Rockstar" pants.

Even the ladies in the post office were commenting on the beautiful packaging! It gives me great pleasure to know where his clothes come from and even greater pleasure to know that others also benefit from his wardrobe. Again many thanks and I look forward to making our next order.



Such beautiful styles and fabrics.

I have now given over 30 Eternal Creation nightdresses to my daughters' friends as birthday gifts and they are always such a hit! Thank you for continuing to come up with such beautiful styles and fabrics, and for such amazing sales!


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